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Kim G.
Very Satisfied!

Our whole family has been going to Snelgrove Chiropractic for almost four years. We have five children and saw Dr. Kevin through my last pregnancy. I had a great pregnancy with hardly any back or sciatica pain.

My first four pregnancies were full of sciatica pain. The office is warm, friendly and great for kids. The staff are fantastic. Dr.Kevin listens and spends what time is necessary with each of his patients. I recommend Snelgrove Chiropractic to anyone.

Louise T.
Love the Results!

Since visiting Dr. Kevin's office (over 3 years) I have not had to use my asthma puffer once! I highly recommend you see Dr. Kevin.

F. C.
Highly Recommended!

Since I came to this facility and been searching for a chiropractor I've learned many things about how the body reacts when we suffer from pain and injuries. I was suffering from migraines and since I've had the adjustments on my spine I've had minimal to no migraines at all. I used to take pills for my migraines and now the pills I had have already expired and the pills are not cheap either.

Thank you Dr. Kevin, it was a relief.  You've changed my life!

Tim L.
The best chiropractic service in town!

My wife started her treatment 6months ago. She suffers severe migraines and has been for many years. We have tried everything, several medications, hot & cold patches on the forehead, changing diet etc. Nothing had a significant effect and the migraines were only getting worse. To be clear when I mean migraine, I mean you're in the black hole of death for 2 days. She was averaging around 1-2 times a week at least, and I can easily say that has been reduced to every 2 weeks. Many of you may not see this as a lot, but we knew this was going to be a long road nor do we expect a cure. There is nothing more frustrating than to watch your significant other suffer in so much pain, and feel so helpless. For me, its worth every penny and every minute we spend at Snelgrove Chiropractic. They have been by far the most helpful, sincere and committed Wellness centre we have seen in the area.

I highly recommend and suggest you take the time to visit Snelgrove Chiropractic as they are only there to help you live a healthier life.

Colin S.
Highly Recommended!

I started my chiropractic treatment at the end of January of this year. Prior to my treatment, I was suffering from horrible headaches, neck stiffness/pain, vision problems, anxiety, sleeping problems and nerve pains (burning, tingling, numbing sensation) in my hands and feet on a daily basis. Dr. Snelgrove had told me around 4-6 weeks into my treatment I would start feeling a significant decrease in my symptoms, and he was right! So far, I'm a little over 3 months into my care plan and the headaches have decreased by 90-95% with much better mobility in my neck, and a greater reduction in pain. The vision has improved a bit and I'm getting noticeably better sleep at night. The nerve pain still comes and goes in my hands and feet. However, I'm convinced that by continuing the treatment plan, Dr. Snelgrove's recommended daily stretches (including Denneroll exercises), doing yoga and eating healthier will get me back to a completely healthy state with a healthy cervical spine and lumbar by the end of my plan. I also do a lot of driving for my work on a daily basis, and I've noticed my anxiety and feeling of swaying in my vehicle has dramatically decreased as well. I believe my symptoms have been brought on by poor posture over the years and also an acute gym injury I had received back in September of 2017.

Overall, if you are somebody reading this and are in desperate need of professional help, don't jump the gun too quick and assume traditional MD meds is the answer to your prayers. Dr. Snelgrove and his lovely staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. They will get you the results you need by following the combination of their guidance and your patience. Best Health to all who are suffering... Just know that chiro works and your body has the amazing ability to heal itself with the help of just a few simple adjustments consistently :)

Allan D.

After suffering a workplace Injury, I came to Samantha Dewar with chronic back and neck pain, after searching for a massage therapist, I choose Samantha based on her experience and massage style at the clinic she was working at. After the very first session, I felt improvement and since then she is the only person I have ever seen results from.

I felt significant improvement. Not only had every one of my symptoms subsided, I felt complete relief.  Now I go for maintenance, If my neck and back begin to tighten up again. Needless to say, within a visit or two I’m straightened out again.
She listens and addresses any concerns that I have.  For anyone experiencing chronic pain, a lagging injury, or even simple discomfort, I cannot encourage you enough to book an appointment with Samantha. Let her work on you, listen to what she says, and I believe you will see results like I did.

Rick H.
Great Environment!

I’m writing to tell all those interested in massage therapy that Samantha Dewar knows about solving chronic body pain. As a fifty six year old tradesman it’s normal to have various sources of pain throughout my body. Some of the pain comes from injuries and others are from repetitive strain. Most guys don’t like taking pills for our daily pain, and that’s due to side effects and that they only mask pain. Getting the blood flow improved in pain sources seems to begin the healing process for me.

Samantha has provided Deep Tissue Massage Therapy to me for over two years. I’ve combined her treatments with personal health improvements to obtain lower pain levels in areas of the body that her type of treatments work towards. Even when I ask for advice on health Samantha always offers up direction.

Finally, Samantha is a fun and friendly person that I’m very happy to have as my therapist.She listens and addresses any concerns that I have.  For anyone experiencing chronic pain, a lagging injury, or even simple discomfort, I cannot encourage you enough to book an appointment with Samantha. Let her work on you, listen to what she says, and I believe you will see results like I did.

Katherine G.
Highly Recommended!

I was recommended by a close friend to go see Samantha for massages because she is simply amazing. My husband and I have been seeing Samantha for 2 years now on a monthly basis and she truly is the best RMT we have been to and have stopped going else where. Samantha is always consistent in her service and is very easy to talk to, and she gets when you just want to relax and not talk. My husband is a firefighter and does a lot of hard physical work daily, as well as plays soccer 3 times a week so she has been crucial in him staying physically fit and at the top of his game with monthly visits and sometimes emergency ones. I have a desk job and a long commute, so I sit up to 10 hours a day. I’ve notice a huge difference in my lower back and have not had anymore back pain at the end of each work day.